For this website's content prior to the 2019 election for Louisiana Governor, CLICK HERE.


Because neither Republican candidate saw fit to utilize ANY of the material on the above link (with the exception of the Johnny Anderson material, which Rispone's PAC ran into the ground and which was available from every Louisiana media outlet for an extended period) and, because Gov. Edwards cannot seek re-election as Louisiana Governor in 2023, it would be pointless to continue tracking his disastrous appointments to various boards and commissions and high-level Louisiana governmental positions.


Furthermore, hell will literally freeze over before we would create another tracking website such as the one which existed at the previous link to benefit any potential gubernatorial candidate in the future.  The blatant disregard for the material on it was an affront to our extensive efforts in creating it, and that disregard has killed any desire we have to provide such material in the future.


The only consolation we take from the snub of us is that, as we learned in the immediate aftermath of the election's results, we were FAR from alone entailing media outlets at which the Rispone campaign chose to snub its arrogant noses.  


The most noteworthy such outlet is The Hayride's Scott McKay, who posted that he'd had no (zero, zilch, nada) communication with the Rispone campaign operatives since August 14, 2019!  The act of snubbing the publication with BY FAR the most conservative reading audience in Louisiana was nothing short of an act of utter stupidity on the part of the Rispone camp, and that snubbing was absolutely inexcusable, especially given that it was McKay and the Hayride who sponsored an event in Lake Charles in late 2018 which was very well attended and at which Rispone essentially made it known he'd be running for Governor of Louisiana! 


Not only did the Rispone camp snub McKay, his campaign "brain thrust" chose to openly taunt McKay.  Bryan Reed, Rispone's 28-year-old, out-of-state campaign manager, made the inference that McKay was upset (i.e. "having a meltdown") because a poll had been released showing that Rispone had overtaken Abraham for second place in the primary which, if it held, would mean he (Rispone) would be Edwards' runoff opponent.  The apparent implicit message Reed sought to convey was that McKay was supporting Abraham when McKay had never indicated any preference whatsoever for either Rispone or Abraham throughout the primary campaign but merely indicated that either would be far preferable to another four years with Edwards at the helm.  We believe that McKay summed it up best with this one sentence from the link just provided:  "What’s offensive about this is the abject stupidity involved here."


For us at Sound Off Louisiana, the most galling act of all for us entailing Rispone's campaign is that, while they chose to snub material that we produced aimed at attacking Edwards, they had no qualms using the same PURE GARBAGE material Gumbo PAC utilized entailing Abraham's charitable contributions to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  That material, in turn, was obtained by Gumbo PAC from liberal bloggers Sue Lincoln and Lamar White.  In our minds, there could be no greater slap in the face than to ignore our material with which to attack Edwards (too small-time we suppose) but turn right around and have no qualms at using the ABSOLUTE GARBAGE material just linked! 


Now, with that material entailing the 2019 race for Governor now off our chests and since it's obvious that continuing to track Edwards' appointments would be an act of futility (except to potentially derail any national ambitions Edwards may have which is why we're keeping the link at the top of the page active), we're "repurposing" this website (and other websites we've created such as The Choice Is Clear LA, and No Penny Renewal) to serve two purposes:

1.  We want a permanent monument to the disastrous nature of the Eddie Rispone campaign for governor in the hope that no future candidate will display Rispone's unparalleled level of incompetence and arrogance.  There is NO BETTER POSSIBLE monument to the colossal disaster that was the Eddie Rispone campaign for governor than The Hayride's Scott McKay's exposure of the absolutely unfathomable level of incompetence, arrogance, out-of-touch, and out-of-state nature, of Rispone's so-called "managers" which literally engulfed his campaign!  That monument via McKay's efforts is readily available below.


2.  We're going to itemize (as in place Republican Louisiana state lawmakers' mug shots) for certain KEY legislative votes (e.g. tort reform) which transpire during the next four years.  We're doing so because Attorney General Jeff Landry, who is already off to the races on trying to win the 2023 Louisiana Governor's Race, along with U. S. Sen. John Kennedy, engaged in an absolutely-massive effort to clear out the Louisiana Senate of so-called Republicans who have held this state back not only by failing to support much-needed business reforms (e.g. tort reform) but who actively sought the defeat of such reforms!  Nevertheless, early indications are that there will likely be plenty of work remaining to be done in the 2023 election cycle in order to expunge far more Republicans from the State Legislature.  That's particularly the case in the Louisiana House of Representatives, which is shaping up to be a huge roadblock to conservative Republican-led reforms in Gov. Edwards' second term in office.


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