Entry # 1 (December 8, 2015):  Impending re-appointment of LSP
Col. Mike Edmonson



December 8, 2015 
          Robert Burns outlines the first entry on JBEfraud.com:  The
reappointment of Col. Mike Edmonson as Louisiana State Police (LSP)
Colonel.  Video of JBE's 7/21/14 commentary of the "Edmonson Amendment" is
provided below.  Links for Mike Edmonson's abysmal driving record are also
provided below.  CLICK HERE for a typical shake-down DMV letter to
raise funds for the 30% - 35% pay raises for LSP Troopers.
  CLICK HERE for the rampant JOHN ALARIO cronyism
made public by political blogger Tom Aswell of Louisiana Voice.

 LSP Edmonson disciplinary file links:

1.  Reprimand for crashing LSP vehicle and being at fault.

2.  10-Day Suspension for violating payroll protocol.

3.  Letter of reprimand for careless operation of vehicle.

4.  40-Hour Suspension for "not being aware of
 your condition" behind the wheel and crashing yet another
vehicle (with it being a total loss).

5.  16-Hour suspension for careless operation of vehicle.


Speaking before the Baton Rouge Press Club, Louisiana Governor-Elect
 John Bel Edwards addresses a question posed by Robert Burns regarding statements
 Edwards made indicating he would request an investigation of the whole matter of
 SB-294's controversial amendment.



Burns obtains an estimate of the cost of the pay raises
on the LSP Unfunded Accrued Liability from Charles Hall,
who was clearly uncomfortable in front of a camera.
Hall ultimately pegged the future estimated cost at $45 million.
($370 million - $325 million, as he explains in the video).



CLICK HERE for an EXCELLENT investigative article by John Binder, who writes for The Hayride, entailing the corruption and unethical activity entailing the Louisiana State Trooper's Association (LSTA) using a straw donor (David Young) to secretly funnel members' dues into the campaign of John Bel Edwards!




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